About Mila & Bea

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”
– Galadriel

When I met Mila and her sister Bea in Nicaragua in 2012, they were 7 and 9 years old. I remember like it was yesterday. They sat at the wooden table in the community room, naked feet and salt water soaked hair, playing UNO with their father, R. They liked to play UNO, a lot. They also liked Ramen soup, animals, the local kids and the ocean.

This blog is dedicated and inspired by Mila and Bea. By who they were when I met them. To me, they are the quintessence of being a child, a little girl, in this big world of wonders and uncanniness. I remember vaguely the joys, sensations and challenges that being 7 brings, but both Mila and Bea made me re-live it. They are not only curious and fun little girls, but also have this incredible natural instinct for discovery and creativity and house an incredible intelligence that exceeds anything I have ever seen in children that age.

In the short time that I was privileged enough to spend time with Mila, Bea and their parents R. and L. all four of them have gone from being complete strangers to a big inspiration. Mila and Bea adopted me like I was their big sister, trusted me, comforted me and laughed with me. In this short time, we had created a strong bond – such a friendship with two exceptional girls like this was beyond my expectations when I had been preparing for that journey to Central America.

They both inspired me to get in touch with the little girl of my past and to see the world more through the eyes of a 7 year old. But also, they have awoken an instinct within, like a big sister, that I have never felt before (I am youngest of 3). Therefore, I decided to write “Letters to Mila”, to share my experiences, thoughts and journey with the girls that are Mila and Bea, but also with the little girl within me.

The only reason this Blog and the whole idea is named only after Mila are aesthetical reasons. This blog is dedicated to Mila and Bea (and all the other (little) girls out there) in it’s entity.



One thought on “About Mila & Bea

  1. Wonderful! I like it so much… it is a very inspired idea and so much like you are! I’ve just a little teardrop in my eye! I miss you and hope you getting into some new adventures!
    Lovely Kiss King Julien

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